Olympus Mons Archive


We use Ubuntu 20.04

Hardware requirements: at least 2TB disk space

Download evmosd binary:

sudo apt install -y wget xz-utils

wget https://archive.evmos.org/olympus_mons/evmosd

chmod +x evmosd && sudo mv evmosd /usr/local/bin

mkdir ~/.evmosd ~/.evmosd/config

Download config files

wget -P ~/.evmosd/config https://archive.evmos.org/olympus_mons/genesis.json

wget -P ~/.evmosd/config https://archive.evmos.org/olympus_mons/app.toml

wget -P ~/.evmosd/config https://archive.evmos.org/olympus_mons/config.toml

Download and extract the database

wget -P ~/.evmosd/config https://archive.evmos.org/olympus_mons/evmos-9000_2-20220207-1008039.tar.xz && tar -xf ~/.evmosd/config/evmos-9000_2-20220207-1008039.tar.xz

It can take a long time, just wait.

Run Evmos node

evmosd start